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Annoying Things #4: People Become Interested in Everything You Do

Dangit, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with “annoyances” the further this goes on. It’s hard to think back on the things that used to annoy me, I really am changing at a rapid rate. Anyway, today I did notice one that will still take me a long time to get used to:

People start being interested in what I am doing. I made a let’s play video for a game on the youtubes and my roommates obviously overheard me. When I apologized for the noise, they only seemed interested in what I was doing. Today in a restaurant I talked for a long time to some random stranger who turned out to be a nice woman with a learning disability who told me about how she was planning her new holidays. This sort of thing would’ve annoyed me to no end about a month ago, but now I enjoy all human company.

People comment on the little things I do these days. I was carrying a big suitcase around all day because of me moving into my new place and at school someone I didn’t know involved me in a conversation because of it, very friendly guy. This would’ve embarrassed me about a month ago, now it made me really happy. Not that I wasn’t already happy, so I guess “made me happy” is the wrong expression for it – problem is, there is no expression for it, so I’m kinda stuck.

Last of all: women. Women notice me all the time. I get hit on in the train for playing iPad games. Women give me eye contact like they never have before – and believe me, I’d been keeping my eyes open despite my social anxiety. Problem is: now that I’m certain I can get all the women I want I don’t really want all those women anymore. Funny how the world works. Though I’m sure I’ll be starting up a relationship at some point again. Celibacy is doctrine. There is such a thing as enlightened sex, and I know exactly how that’s gonna work, but I know it’ll definitely be a challenge. I can’t wait 🙂

Except, of course, I can. Because that’s what “enlightenment” means, in the end: you can wait.