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Something New

Looks as if, while my mental “transformation” seems to have arrived at a very stable point, there are still changes happening to me that I did not anticipate. This one happened maybe 2 or 3 days ago and has only been becoming stronger and stronger.

My skin is smooth. Like, baby smooth.

Yes, you heard right. It’s a very weird effect, but very, very pleasant. It’s almost as if my skin is now glistening. It’s not oily, don’t get me wrong, it stays the same even after I shower, and it’s over my whole body. Even those dry elbows I used to have are now perfectly smooth and the skin on them is normal. My dandruff seems to have disappeared, my butt has no more pimples on it (yeah, I went there) and I’m now fully of the opinion I will never need any more moisturizing cream in my entire life.

Say goodbye to cosmetics and hello to enlightenment. Way cheaper on the wallet and a lot more effective.